Server Architecture :

Huge numbers of webhosting companies configure MS Sql, My Sql, E-Mail, DNS, FTP and rest in One Dedicated Server to reduce the Server Manufacturing cost. So the Processor and the RAM will take over load of that dedicated server will be utilized for the entire Operations on server. In this way, almost maximum resource of the CPU will be required for above tasks management and only least will be left for your Hosted Website. Therefore the Performance and the Speed of the website will be drastically decreased.
However as per Our server architecture, we maintain each and every applications in different dedicated servers to get high Uptime and best Speed for shared hosting websites.

Back Up
All the Web hosting companies maintain same dedicated server for taking regular backup process. So if in case of server crashes or any issues with the server, then there is no chance of data back up from the crashed server. But in Host Rivers, we maintain back up separately in individual backup servers. This helps to no chance of any data loss in case of server crashes.

Cyberly is delivering 100% uptime for all the shared hosting and the reseller hosting. We are running our servers with zero downtime architecture. We are using special architecture that will deliver you good uptime.

Server Configuration
In Cyberly, we are using High configuration servers to provide high speed hosting services. We are using highly branded Dell Servers with Xeon Quad Core processors and CISCO Networking tools along with CISCO – Anti D-Dos Firewall that prevents unwanted entry to the server and also it secure your website contents. Also in all our servers we are using Wild Card SSL certificates that will encrypt all our site contents and it give additional security to your website contents.